Celltei Tote-O-Pet Pooch Bags

The Celltei lines are created by the owner, Angie , who happens to be an ex-investment banker, with the assistance of her beloved pooch, Unzhizhi.

Her small business started when it dawned on her one day that she had been receiving excellent feedback from strangers regarding the carriers she made and used.

Celltei offers several well-designed pooch bag styles - Tote-o-Pet, Pak-o-Pet, Backpak-o-Pet, Pet-on-the-Go, etc.

Below are the Celltei Tote-O-Pet pooch bags, which have been declared the ladies' choice.

The bags can be carried on one shoulder only so you may want to time your trip if a heavy pet is involved. These bags were designed for shorter trip like shopping and strolling around in town.