How to Measure your Pooch


Before you can purchase a bag, clothes or shoes for your best friend, you'll need to first measure your pooch. For bags or carriers, you'll also need to weigh your pooch.

Write down the length, height and weight measurements and compare them to the bag's size measurements and weight limits.

You should allow some room for your pooch to stand up and turn around inside the bag.

Thus the bag's measurements should always be slightly larger than your dog's.

If you're going to be flying in an airplane with your pooch, please call the airline for their latest requirements and policies about pets on board. Their policies may change so remember to call them each time prior to traveling.

Please remember that your pooch and bag must fit underneath the seat in front of you and must remain there during the entire flight.

How to Measure your Pooch for Pooch Bags

  1. Get a fabric or cloth measuring tape. You can also use string and line it up against a ruler later.
  2. Measure the LENGTH of your pooch
  3. Length = Nape of Neck (where the collar is) to the base of tail
  4. Measure the HEIGHT of your pooch
  5. Height = Floor to shoulders

               how to measure your pooch