Home 'N' Go Pet Pen

If you're looking for pet pens, then this Home N Go dog pen should serve the purpose.

Please remember that your dog should be able to stand up and turn around comforably in the crate!

home and go pet pen
The Home 'N Go Pet Pen - Dog Pen - $125.99

The Home 'N Go Pet Pen / Dog Pen is packed with features and its uses are endless. This pet pen can be used as a puppy pen, a whelping pen, a play pen, and a training pen, to mention a few.


  • lightweight steel frame construction
  • tough water-resistant 600-denier nylon shell
  • Includes velcro-mount removable waterproof, scratch-resistant inner tray, soft fleece pad, zippered front door
  • carrying case with padded strap
  • detachable storage bag.
  • 36" L x 24" W x 26" high; 15 lbs.
  • Puppy Pen: Provides a protected area for a pup to get acquainted with its new home or surroundings.
  • Training Pen: Ideal for training all small animals.
  • Play Pen: Fill this pen with toys and make it a fun place to play.
  • Whelping Pen: Provides a secure, secluded area for the female to give birth to her pups.
  • Portable Dog Pen Folds down to 6" x 6" x 25-1/2" and sets up quickly without tools or additional parts
  • Lightweight steel frame construction and tough water-resistant 600-denier nylon shell. Velcro-mount removable waterproof, scratch-resistant inner tray, soft fleece pad, zippered front door.
  • Comes with carrying case with padded strap, and detachable storage bag.



Contemporary design >>> Attractive at home or outdoors
Attached storage bag >>> Stores toys, snacks, or pet medications
Waterproof inner tray >>> Removes for easy cleaning
Front zippered entry >>> Pet can easily walk in
Top open area >>> Easy access for adults
600 Denier nylon shell >>> Tough, water resistant materials
Steel frame and hinges >>>Extremely strong and durable
Compact fold >>>  Folds to 6" x 6" x 25.5"; 15 lbs
Portable >>>  Opens and closes in about a minute
Reversible fleece pad >>> Adds comfort for your pet