Pet Strollers


Pet Strollers are a great way to travel around town with your pets. They protect your pets against the sun, wind and rain. They are also great for older pets that find it harder to walk long distances.

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Outward Hound Walk 'N Roll Dog Stroller - $ 89.94

Most small dogs get tired walking long distances, but with the Walk 'N Roll Pet Stroller they can go almost anywhere you go! Lightweight and stylish with many unique features, it's the ultimate stroller for small pets up to 20 lbs. Ideal for shopping, outings or almost anywhere you'd take a baby in a stroller.

Features include: a top shade shelter, zip down front shade and wind cover, full zip top enclosure to keep your pet contained, comfortable ventilated cabin, removable padded bottom insert and wheels with lockable brakes. The Stroller quickly folds to fit in your car. Designed for non-aggressive, small dogs and pets under 20 lbs.

Compartment for the dog measures 20" x 11" x 12".

Happy Trails Pet / Dog Stroller - $ 139.99

Dog owners agree that dogs should have fresh air on a daily basis. For some pets, age or illness may prevent them from walking around on their own. Whether you are going on a short walk around the block or a long walk through the park, the Happy Trails Pet / Dog Stroller gives you the freedom to take your family pet anywhere you go.

The Happy Trails Pet Stroller is ideal for puppies, kittens, small dogs, small animals, and older pets with an restricted ability to walk on their own such as hip problems, arthritis or visual impairment.
Front suspension, and locking brakes keep the ride smooth and safe. Removable pad included.

For pets up to 33 lbs. Cobalt Blue.
28" x 19" x 40" high; folds down to 15" height.
Weighs 17 lbs.

Features Benefits Stores flat for storage or travel. >>> Flat, compact fold to 15" height For toys, treats, water bottle , and more. >>> Large storage basket For use on smooth and rough terrain. >>> Large 8" wheels Provides airflow and visibility. >>> Durable, breathable mesh Easily folds in less than 5 seconds. >>> One hand fold mechanism Holds keys, cell phone, beverage, etc. >>> Parent tray Zip open for quick, easy access. >>> Front and back entries Tough and water resistant. >>> 600 Denier nylon fabric

All-Weather Pet Stroller
All-Weather Gear for the Pet Stroller

All-Weather Gear for the Pet Stroller

Protect animals from rain, sun, and cold with our set of three pet stroller covers. Includes storage bag and two flashing reflectors for nighttime use.


Pet Stroller
Pet Stroller

Pet Stroller

Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety when you go out? Is your pet getting older and not as able to keep up? Now you can take your pet with you when you go. This pet stroller offers a safe environment for your pet while your out for a walk. Light weight and easy to handle with 4 1/2" dia wheels and safety brakes. This carrier holds pets up to 25lbs. Includes a 1/2 inch thick floor mat and a shaded area for your pet to be cool and comfortable.


Pet Stroller SUV
Pet Stoller SUV

Pet Stroller SUV

You and you pet can stroll in style with the Pet SUV Stroller. Great for older pets that have a hard time keeping up and cats that refuse to use a leash. The durable and lightweight carrier is removable and portable, made of weather resistant fabric and netting that completely surrounds your pet making them feel safe.

The stroller is designed for use with the carrier. The frame is chrome and is completely collapsible. The carrier comes with  vinyl pad with a faux fur cozy, a rear safety brake, and shock absorbing 7.5  wheels that turn on a dime. Spend quality time with your pet out on the town in style or take off the beaten path for a nice country stroll.

Holds pets up to 50 pounds comfortably.

lightweight pet stroller
The Lightweight Pet Stroller

The Lightweight Pet Stroller

For city walks or trips to the vet, this lightweight stroller makes outings with your pet as easy as pushing a baby carriage. Designed for dogs and cats up to 25 lbs.

Particularly those with hip and joint ailments the carrier keeps pets safe, ventilated, and shaded. Detach the pet enclosure to use the stroller separately as a wagon to haul groceries or laundry. Includes safety brake, carry strap, and comfortable easy-to-wash 1/2" thick pad. Folds for storage. Durable rip-stop nylon netting and water-resistant poly/cotton fabric over a rustproof steel frame.

37" H x 19 1/4" W x 35 1/2" L. (16 lbs.)

double decker pet stroller
The Double Decker Pet Stroller

Double Decker Pet Stroller

Now designed for the multi-pet family, our double-decker stroller has two separate carriers mounted vertically to a durable frame that s easy to push and folds easily for storage. Each carrier has thick, washable foam pads covered with a comfortable water-resistant fabric that cleans with soap and water.

A small privacy area in each carrier helps pets feel safe and sheltered for calm strolls, and non-toxic poly/cotton mesh keeps them securely inside. Especially helpful for walking older, ailing, or excitable pets, the stroller's two carriers can be separately removed from the frame. Rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame. Large durable wheels allow complete maneuverability; with locking rear wheels.

43" H x 22 1/2" W x 35 1/2" L. (41 lbs. )