PETote Pooch Bags

Janet Lee's pasion for animals and design led her to create the PETote pet carrier line in 2001. It was the first pet carrier of its kind to be manufactured in USA. She began designing the totes in 2000 and her father actually made the first prototype in his manufacturing facility based on her design!

Today, Janet's PETotes are sold all across the nation and in Japan and Brazil. PETotes are also popular with celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Halle Barry, Debra Messing and others.

Janet gets her inspiration from her 3 pets - Trixie, a cat and 2 pooches - Madison and Gorbie. 

PETote Bali Collection

PETote Bali Collection Pooch Bag

PETote Bali 2 Collection

PETote Bali 2 Collection Pooch Bag



PETote Kelle Collection

PETote Kelle Collection Pooch Bag